sexta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2004

Short Cuts

As you can see, I put some short cuts in the left side bar to some friendly blogs! They're cool, and you can't miss them. It's really nice people that live in different part of the world, that see our life with the same eyes - not exactly, sure, but feel things and appreciate feelings. So, I decided to share this with you, my estimated readers!
And this new "virtual" friends makes me write some post in English, till they begin a Portuguese class to learn another language!!! ... is it true??? lol
Well I have many friends with different occupations. One that is University teacher, another is school teacher and owns a school, other is agronomist, other is a lawyer, and many others. One are friend since we were in the high school. Others, we just knew in the "corners" of life. But what I want to say is that the really friends are that one that you knew in your youth, that you have with you, since you are young. Yes. When we are young, we make good friends and some of them will be friends for ever. Even you pass a month or two, or even an year without talk with him, you can call anytime that he (or she) will promptly able to hear you. And, the new ones are not the same. Ok, that's some exception, but the most part is like that!
I have a friend that moved out from Brazil to Florida some years ago. He works with computer and he moved with his family. Now he is an american citizen, with his green card. I don't see him about 6 or 8 years ago, I don't remember, but we don't miss the contact. One e-mail every month or two. One talk in the MSN. And one phone call in two or three years (it's so expensive make international phone calls). What is interesting is that even we are not in contact day-by-day, we all know what the other are thinking, just with a few words in an e-mail or in a phone, just hearing the tone of our voice... it's just because we really know ourselves, because we live together our youth time - that time when we do not have the fantasy over us, that time when we was really true in our words or our thoughts. It's really cool!!!

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Ken Kaniff disse...

Andre, you're the S-E-C-O-N-D person on the planet to place my blog in their favorites :) Appreciate it.

I haven't been so fortunate to make great friendships as a kid that last till today. However, I'm becoming a closer friend with my brother now.

Envoy-ette disse...

Andrea....friends are wonderful! But I'm like Ken...didn't have many as a youth where I grew up. It must be an Aquarius thing! I'm so glad you did though! I am jealous! hahaa.