quinta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2004

First Post in English

Hi all. This is my first post in English. I am making it because I was surfing outside on the web, in some blogs, and meeting some good new people. And no one can read my blog, because it's in Portuguese. Can you believe that? So, I decided to make at least one post in English, and, maybe another one, and later, another, and another... who knows? So, Envoy-ette, Ken, Kevin, and others: this is for you! Enjoy it! (if you can...)LOL
Well, I'm a father of three - 2 boys and a girl. Well married, veterinarian (not working on it actually), looking for new job or new business. Studying again. I never went abroad, but I have a brother that lives in Ireland, and good friends in America. So, maybe, some day, I'll travel outside my country.
I love my family, and I dedicate all my life for them. Everything that I make is thinking in them.
My daughter, with 4 years old likes to hear stories every night, before she goes to sleep. Since she was a baby, I read stories to her. She loved the three pigs - I don't know if this is the right way to say it in English, but is that story, that all of you know, of three little pigs and the bad wolf. And she loved that part when the wolf came and blow the straw house - I blow over her hair and she laughs too much - she loved it. But now that she's "older", she hide this book because she says that this is not a story to tell her because she's old and because I will blow her again and again... and so, she give to me another story book - like "winie the pooh", or "the dalmatians", "that is stories to an older girl like me", she says!
Yes, she's getting older... my other two, the boys, they are fifteen and twelve - they are really getting older!!! My oldest are already shaving, can you believe it?
OK, that's all, folks! I hope you all enjoy, and maybe, sometime, someday, somewhere(?), there will be another English posts... ok?

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Envoy-ette disse...

Hi Andrea...thank you for an English blog! Your family sounds wonderful. Having a good family is the best thing in the world. Lucky us!

Ken Kaniff disse...

Thank you for the post Andre. Betime stories--I loved them as a kid. You won't believe it but I read Winie the Pooh's adventures this summer! Piglet is my man. :)